Friday, 16 March 2012

Another load of bollards

A couple of weeks ago, on 3rd March 2012,I blogged  that the Elfin Safety brigade had not yet got to Hoo Mill Lock.  Well they have now....


This is Penkridge lock.  The walkway bridge has been closed off completely! As have others down the Trent & Mersey, and Staffs & Worc.  At Penkridge lock, there are no foot boards on the bottom gates, so you have to walk all the way round and back again to open & close the two bottom gates.

This is Longford Lock on the Staffs & Worc.  C'mon! Where's the sense in closing this off!!  The walkways that haven't yet been "fitted" with the new handrails have been closed off, but the locks without any walkways at all - it's still OK for you to jump the gates!
There was a time when nothing happened without the say so of English Heritage, now it seems Health & Safety bods have the upper hand.  The thing is not one boater, to my knowledge, (or person legitimately using said walkway)  has fallen off.  Again, it's the taxpayer and boat licence fee payer whose funding all this.  It's all getting very silly, and very unnecessary.  
Like I said - another load of bollards.

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