Sunday, 18 March 2012

Playing catch-up with the blog

I'd forgotten how bad the internet signal can be at the bottom of the Shroppie, so I'm having to play catch up as we've done so many miles in the last few days as the weather has been so good.  We turned around at Stone and swung a right turn onto the Staffs and Worcester at Great Haywood Junction.  We could have continued up the Trent & Mersey, through Stoke and the Harecastle tunnel to Middlewich, but we love the Shroppie in the springtime, so we came the long way round.
What trip through the Stafford area would be complete without passing the boat Madam Cholet.  Two adults and a dog live on this boat - and have done for years.  Perhaps a sort out is due....

Fancy new bridge at Stafford Boat Club

Just a bit further on, the cottage at Deptmore Lock has been completely renovated by it's new owners, and now even has a road access.  The lady who used to live here had no electricity, and depended on a huge generator for power.  She didn't have road access either, and had a little motor boat on the canal in which she used to whizz into Stafford to get her shopping.

New road access accross the field to Deptmore Lock Cottage

Gailey Roundhouse - you may have passed it by road on the A5.

Breathe in!  Loads of boats at Gailey, with just enough room to squeeze through.

And onto the Shroppie. 

Must be getting nearer home now, as we're bumping into more people we know - including Jan & Dave on NB Pipe Dream down near Brewood, out for a couple of weeks before the season starts and they then spend every weekend making cakes and serving then voluntarily in Froncysyllte Community Centre.

Had to take a photo of this - only two boats moored at Brewood - loads of room!  Isn't it the case when you don't want to stop there?  When you do, there's never any room.

Rubbish photo (again), but these are the first primroses we've seen (so far).


Unknown said...

Another winter gone then and back to work. Definitely time for himself to consider retirement - work is so disruptive to one's cruising!!

Jo Lodge said...

Hi Sue. Just been catching up with your blog, your going through places we have been through recently.
I came across a posting from last year about Wardle Lock. So thought I would let you know that Maureen who lived there for many years, died on Saturday in Leighton Hospital. She had been in sheltered accomadation since leaving her cottage last year after failing health. She will be very sadly missed by all who knew her.

Happy cruising, maybe we will see you again for a proper natter. Jo x