Saturday, 31 December 2011

On the move again - to Sutton Stop

Christmas done, so time to move on, we wanted to get past the Brinklow and Ansty before the stoppages kick in on the 4th, so this should be the last time we pass the huge orange buffers where the bank has slipped.

Past some lovely pygmy goats, billies with magnificent horns, playing I'm king of the castle.

Past the volkswagen graveyard

and on to Hawksbury Junction aka Sutton Stop**

This is what the BW rubbish & recycling point looks like

wheelie bins full to bursting, with some idle trouts dumping bags on top of the full skips, instead of walking another 3 paces to find the empty skips.  Duh!!!

This is supposed to be the glass recycling bin, (theres another two for mixed recycling), which was stuffed full of mixed "household" waste.  Now we go to alot of trouble to ensure we recycle as much as we can, the storage of which, isn't easy on a boat.  Then we finally reach a recycling point on the canal, only to find that others have stuffed it full or miscellaneous rubbish.  The recycling in these skips is now useless - the rubbish/recycling collectors do not have the time to sift out the detritus from the genuine recyclables, so the whole lot will be dumped into landfill.  Thanks. 
NB:  Yes Hazel, that is one of our Ogio bottles on the top.

The locals should be ashamed of the state of the elsan point - especially the (older) lady who walked with her loo on a trolly from the moorings above the lock, and used it just before Dave.  She got there before him, so Dave backed off to give her some space.  Unfortunately, she left raw sewage all around the "sink" and on the floor, without a whiff of blue to be smelt.  When Dave entered the elsan point, he jumped back out and shouted "oi you dirty cow" to the woman walking away, but she chose not to hear him and quickened her pace.  Dave of course cleaned it out with a brush and loo roll, as he has done to numerous elsan points along the way. If these elsan points are treated so badly, it won't be long before BW just say "no more" and close them. 

** and out the other side - onto the Coventry canal.  Dave did however walk back to the Greyhound (above), for a pint.  He had to see if the accolade of "CAMRA Coventry pub of the year 2011" was merited - purely for research purposes of course.


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

This is why BW have very few recycling points. It will now cost BW and so us to have this lot cleared away

Unknown said...

Well said