Friday, 23 December 2011

What is a Blog?

Well I thought it was a collection of thoughts, opinions, ramblings of someone.  An on line diary if you like.  This blog was started to keep family and friends informed of our whereabouts, a brief comment on what we've seen and what (if anything) has happened to us, yes the occasional (ha!) rant, and to let my Mum know we are still floating, and are not iced in, or cold, or broken down.  It was intented to be read by those who are genuinely interested in what we're doing. 

The definition of blog as per Maffi's blogspot states:  "This blog has no more importance than the writing on a toilet wall, it is merely an opinion.  If you don't like what I say, I am sorry, but I will keep saying it.  Opinions don't have to be right, just heartfelt".  Spot on. 

The reason I feel compelled to say something about my blogspot, is the vicious comments received by Matilda Rose's blospot.  From "Anonymous", and "Chris (on a boat near you)", which is rather ominous.  There is a site dedicated to this kind of vitriol its called "Canal World Forum".  Indeed, I thought I'd pressed the wrong button on the computer and landed on said site with the ongoing rantings about "my boat is deeper than your boat", and that old chestnut "tie your boat up properly".  Well, for the record, we have a permanent mooring, which we use 5 or 6 months of the year.  It's a linear mooring on the Llangollen canal.  (Ooo, I hear you say).  We tie our boat up very well thank you.  However tightly you moor up, we are still rocked and buffetted by speeding boats.  Indeed, the 70ft ex FMC boat Fern on our moorings has resorted to using tensioning straps (usually found on wagons).  Yes, I do understand the Archimedes Principle.  Dress it up how you like, 18" or 3ft - the fact remains, that some boats go too fast past moored boats.  End of.  I just feel so sorry for Jill, she just said it how she saw it, and there was no need for such harsh comments, mind you, the blog spot didn't half shoot up the rankings!

By the way, the "Comments" button on this blogspot doesn't work, unless your name is Graham, Gill, or Jill (with a "J"), so I'm in the clear and can rant away!  Neither can I leave comments on anyone else's blog. I've tried fiddling with settings but nothing changed.    

As for us, we're just fine, this mild weather is just the ticket.  I was starting to get a bit twitchy with the first bit of ice, but it cleared within a day so we've carried on cruising.  This christmas malarkey is a doddle.  Cards made and posted.  Christmas presents bought (and sent) on line.  Going to someone else's house for christmas dinner.  Cat booked into cattery, hire car sorted, marina berth sorted, what could possibly go wrong......


Unknown said...

Bless you Sue, I really don't think anything I said was that outrageous. You've summed it up brilliantly.I say it as I find it. My blog is my diary and to let friends and family know that we haven't sunk - yet. Although I'm beginning to think we might be blown up soon. Rankings! Hope you are impressed (I am). Please don't ask the what can go wrong question.

Anonymous said...

Nice one