Monday, 19 December 2011


Ha! Managed to get my own photo of Gosty Hill today as Iain passed in the pouring rain, loaded up - well - literally to the gunnels! 

We took a walk up to Flecknoe village on Sunday to the pub for lunch.  Dave had already done a couple of rekkies (surprise, surprise).  We had a fantastic beef dinner with all the trimmings for £8.95 each, washed down with very with well kept real ale.  A very nice mellow Sunday.  You can see where Beefur boat is  moored for quite a distance when walking up the hill, then with views accross to Rugby and Braunston.

Dave outside the Old Olive Bush pub.

We took a jaunt into Braunston on Thursday to get some water, and say farewell to
Jill and Graham [click]  (who judging by thier blog, havent had a good day today (Mon).  We also called in at the butchers there.  Although we do get Tesco deliveries here and there, we do try and shop locally, however the prices at the butchers in Braunston do seem to be a tad high:  1lb stewing steak, 6 sausages & few rashers of bacon = £10.40.

Braunston church - who's spire can be seen for miles around. 
The Old Mill, now a holiday let.
When are they ever going to remove this old sunken boat?  It's been here for years causing a hazzard!

We watered, found Matilda Rose, managed to spend another £10.40 on a door catch at Midland Swindlers Chandlers, turned round and came back to Flecknoe for a couple of days, passing a bloggers gathering (Oakfield, Tranquility and Piston Broke) at Fox's Gate, so would that be a babble of bloggers?  Oh, and the famous Maffi came past us (a friend of "Bones" and referred to in her Canal Boat articles), who seemed to recognise Beefur from our blogs.  Again, I was excited at someone famous going past us, I just waved maniacally and forgot to speak!  He's been doing a fantasic job cleaning up bags of litter as he cruises around  [click].  Something we should all be doing.

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Looks like Gosty's sinking!