Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wedding Bridge

We noticed that The Old Wedding Bridge (Br133) between Fenny Compton and Napton had been replaced since the last time we were here, by a sort of similar footbridge...

 This is the old footbridge - one huge beam held up by a couple of stilts, with not much headroom.  This pic was taken back in January 2008, I'm on Beefur, with Dave on Sans Souci following behind, trying to avoid the lowest point in the middle.

Me and my big mouth (about carting wood around the country on the roof of the boat), we've already used one load of our blue tarpaulin mass now that the weather had turned cold, leaving space on the roof for foraging some more.  Will have to get Dave a wet suit for this task, as he seemed to take a dive into the cut whenever this task presented itself.  We've got Shifali back on the weather forecast now, who warns us of overnight snow and decreasing temperatures - so it must be true.
Beefur, at Banbury.  Dave waiting patiently whilst I just popped into town for a couple of minutes, hmmmm.....

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