Monday, 5 December 2011

Mooring - How close do you go?

Whilst we were in Lower Heyford, we moored out in the countryside, between "The Heyfords" you might say.  Now, here's the thing - how close do you moor next to someone, whilst out in the sticks, and not on designated 24hr, 48hr, or 14 day moorings?  This close?
Button to Button !
I expect to be nose-to-tail whilst moored on designated moorings, or near a pub or a shop, but come on!  There was loads of room behind us on the piling -  two boat lengths worth infact.  Mooring button-to-button with us made no difference to "Misty Blue" as his ex Canal Time boat doesn't have any outlook from the front, but it does make a great deal of difference to us.  Whilst out cruising in winter, we go out of our way to moor in a rural spot, mainly due to the fact that for 6 months of the year we are nose-to-tail with other boats on our moorings - our choice - but through the winter, we want to have a little space when we chose to moor in the middle of nowhere.  Thank you.  Rant over.

Great signs.  Hades is the God or Lord of death and the dead (or underworld), so nice to see that this road caters for this world - and the next !

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