Monday, 18 February 2013


The huge Goyt Mill marks the entrance to Marple.  The Macclesfield Canal Society has a comprehensive website detailing the history of buildings, and of course the canal itself.  CLICK HERE for detailed information on Marple.
This mill was only built in 1905, so quite young in mill terms!

Ah, more moored boats, must be near the town now.  What's that ....  a space up ahead?

Well, it would have been a mooring space, had this boat not moored in the middle, so leaving 40ft of space either side of him.  Thanks Pal.

No mooring space here either.

So it's through the junction, where we did find a mooring, but it was 2ft away from the bank front and back.  Never mind, we'll just have to jump!
Approaching the junction, where the Macclesfield Canal meets the Peak Forest Canal.
Cross over bridge at the junction

Looking back at the old dry dock
Top of Marple locks.  This route takes you through Hyde to Ashton Under Lyme where the Peak Forest Canal meets the Ashton Canal left to Manchester, and right onto the Huddersfield Canal.

The quirky lock 4 on the Marple flight.....
As the exit to the lock is under a road, there's a little cubby hole type exit from the lock gates 

This is the Regent Cinema at Marple, recommended by MAFFI, as a lovely place as it's so small (in cinema terms).  Les Miserables was showing, unfortunately we're not into that singing stuff, and I certainly want to remember Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, not some slick haired frenchy.
Marple is a lovely little town, with lots of little shops, including a great butchers and veg shops, and again, a co-op (there's alot of them around these parts!).  So fully stocked with green stuff, and red stuff, we turned right onto the Upper Peak Forest Canal, and to these views ........

That's Whaley Bridge in the distance

Just like being back on the Llangollen!  Beautiful. 
I don't know why we've left it so long to explore these parts.


Mich said...

Hi Sue, the reason there is a space on the 48 hour mooring at Marple is because of a huge rock under the water line. There are no warnings other than worn out rock painted on the edge of the towpath. Plenty of spaces today 20th. We went badly aground on the 48 hour moorings at top lock on the Peak Forest. Enjoy reading your blog keep up the good work Regards Michelle and Barry nb Just Imagine

Sue Hunter said...

Hi Mich. Ah, I remember reading about the obstruction in Maffi's blog. We came back through on 19th, couple of spaces on 48hr moorings, but some boats still there from the week before. Thanks for reading the blog. Sue