Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Birds at Fradley Junction

We've prised ourselves away from Fradley Junction, after two weeks of not moving due to the ice.  As soon as we arrived there, Dave put up the feeders, and the visiting birds didn't disappoint.  I didn't post the pictures earlier due to the poor signal, so now I'm playing catch up with the blog posts, so there will be a few blogs over the next few days now I have a decent signal, and blogger has fixed the photo uploading process!
Star of the show - the spotted woodpecker

This lovely little pied wagtail visited every day,

A lone fieldfare on the only tree with berries left on it, his flock must have left him behind.

Lots of blue tits

A very greedy and selective nut hatch., who pulled out seeds he didn't like from the feeder until he got to the ones he did like, leaving seeds on the floor for the blackbirds and robins to hoover up.

Long tailed tits loved the fat balls
We had hours of fun watching the blackbirds fighting eachother off "my land", they were especially grateful for the mealworms Dave got from a trip to Lichfield.
So we've left Fradley behind us for another year.  Thank you to Dot & Dave (NB Lace Lady) for the shopping trips to Lichfield - and for a lift to the station, when I went to visit Rachel & co, and to meet up with Mum for a couple of days.

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