Saturday, 26 January 2013

Water points - covered or not?

How come some taps are covered up, and some are not....
This is the tap at Brinklow - it's not out of order - it's been wrapped up very well against the ice with it's winter coat on so it doesn't freeze, with a notice pinned to the hedge to ask people to please replace all the lagging once they've filled up.  Brilliant, great idea. 
However, it's only the taps around Brinklow which were covered - that I saw.

Every other tap is just left to the elements.
Is this CRT policy or is it not?  Why some taps and not others?  Who decides which taps should be lagged against the cold and which ones are not?
We are trying to keep this tap at Fradley Junction flowing, so we can use it, as we must have the smallest water tank in the history of boat building, so need filling more often than we would like!  There's alot of "one pot" cooking on Beefur at the moment!

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