Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A couple of 'shout outs' before leaving the Macclesfield

I'm back tracking again, we're obviously moving too quickly, and I can't keep up with the blog!  I haven't yet put up the pics of Brian & Anne Marie from NB Alton, who we had a lovely night with in the Navigation pub in Bugsworth Basin, over a week ago now.  The following morning, we took delivery of some coal and logs - boy was it cold! 

'Gis a wave!
Alton delivering to the NB Cutter just behind us when we were on the water point.  Funny story:
We were sitting in the pub the night before, when a couple walked in, got a drink & sat down.  All of us said "blimey, he looks just like Roger Fuller" (the boat builder).  Ha - turns out it was his brother!

Thanks guys.

NB Alton a couple of days later, loading up for another run.  Brian here loading bags of coal.

NB Alton's delivery schedule can be found BY CLICKING HERE 
If you fancy following Brian's tweets HERE'S THE LINK
Someone else I need to mention before we leave the Macclesfield is the narrowboat
WANDERING DUCK, which is a new venture based at Bugsworth Basin, offering short stays or overnight accommodation aboard their narrowboat.  Have a look at the website.  
Last one now - THE MACCLESFIELD CANAL SOCIETY, who produce a very good on line guide, listing everything you need to know about cruising the canal.  They also produce a paper guide, containing a very useful map, and you can pick one of these up from little boxes located at Hall Green, Boseley and Marple. 

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