Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Meet Up with Maffi in Stone

We are on our way north-ish, and Maffi is on his way south.  We both had to clear the stoppages around Stone in either direction, if you see what I mean.  So we arranged to meet at The Swan in Stone, which is one of Dave's favourite pubs.  Unfortunately, we didn't account for it being Saturday evening, and the pub was heaving.  Molly (Maffi's dog) was a bit overwhelmed with the number of people, and the noise, so after a couple of pints, we retreated to Beefur for some dinner, and one too many bottles of the red stuff.  A very nice evening it was too, though I suffered for it the next day.
Molly, looking rather comfortable.
There was a farmer's market in Stone on Saturday, which was very well attended - you couldn't move.  Unfortunately, I did the usual, and bought all the unnecessary food stuff you find at these things - such as £9.50's worth of olives, stuffed vine leaves and the like.  Thankfully we had a guest to share them with, along with a rather sticky ginger cake.  Lovely to catch up with you Maffi, safe journey, and no more looking at the bottom of your boat!

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Maffi said...

Thank you very much. The olives were good and what ever it was stuffed in the nettles. I diont usually eat olives so I am assuming it was them that made my eyes burn in the morning!!!