Thursday, 28 February 2013

Back down the Macclesfield Canal

Another beautiful day, now we get all the stunning views in reverse. 

The Higgings Clough swing bridge.  There's so many great names for bridges along here, I'm going to do a blog of their own.  A bit geeky perhaps, but I was entertained by them.

Breaking ice on the way to Marple. 
Same boats moored at Marple as when we came past over a week before

Yep, here too

and here

Signage says it all
Deer soaking up the sun

There were lots Follys dotted around the hillside, which we hadn't noticed on our trip up - probably because it was very misty & overcast

Is it a folly?  Big white blob as far as I can tell

That's more like it.
Dave standing on the Dane Aqueduct...

...looking at this view....

 Aqueduct doesn't look much from above, but go down below and it is quite spectacular looking from this angle.


Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

That's the inconsiderate, no illegal mooring that should be policed Dave Beryl Nb Sokai

Ray Butler said...

Folly #1 is Lyme Cage - A sort of grandstand to let elegant ladies watch the menfolk hunt deer in Lyme Park.

Folly #2 is White Nancy built in 1817 by John Gaskell junior of North End Farm to commemorate the victory at the Battle of Waterloo. - Wikipedia has loads about it

Unknown said...

That big white blob is Mow Cop, Jill says if you climb the hill it will come into focus and it will no more be a big white blob! LOL.

Sue Hunter said...

Thanks Ray. Now I've got the names I've been reading about them. I had heard of White Nancy, but didn't realise that's what I was looking at. Very interesting. Thanks. SUE

Sue Hunter said...

Hi Graham. The white blob is White Nancy. I've got a picture of Mow Cop on the post "onto the macclesfield canal". Thanks anyway. SUE