Saturday, 8 December 2012

Exactly what you want to see in the ice

We were moored at Brinklow, and woke to the canal frozen over...

But not for long!!!  This is exactly what you want to see when the canal is frozen over.  A great big bow breaking up the ice.   Ok Ok, Nick Wolfe on Aldgate wasn't the first boat through, but even so, it's comforting to know that you're not frozen in.
We need to hang around the Brinklow area as we are having our 4 yearly BSS (boat safety scheme) exam on the 11th December, but with an empty larder, we made a trip to Tesco Rugby, with the intention of returning to Brinklow ready for Tuesday.  The weather is ok up to Tues, but we're keeping everything crossed that we don't become trapped there - with no services whatsoever.  So we'll hang around near Hilmorton, fill up with water again (we tend not to pass a working tap without filling up at this time of year!), turn and head back to Brinklow.
It seems we're not the only ones glued to Masterchef on the telly, Jill NB Matilda Rose makes a comment about it on her blog.  I'm not saying Dave has becone a little obsessed by it, but he came home with two duck breasts the other day & said "one hour, one course, off you go".  I can't print my answer, but I didn't let him shop on his own in Tesco yesterday.  Ah, telly - double dose of The Killing tonight.  Great.
The day turned out to be a "spot the blogger" day, firstly passing NB Valerie, who were just pulling out of their mooring just round the corner from us at Brinklow.  It's great to see people's reaction when they recognise the boat name from the blogspot, followed by very enthusiastic waving at eachother (I'm the worst for that!)  A bit further on at Rugby NB Oakfield, though I didn't see anyone to wave at.  Likewise NB Derwent 6 between Rugby & Hillmorton.
Random photo of the day.......
Isn't he a beauty?

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Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Sue and Dave,
Lovely to see you! We hope to cross paths one day when we can all stop for a cup of tea and a chat.
Jaq and Les