Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Shifali says we're good to go!

We have been watching the weather forecasts very closely, as all boaters do at this time of year!  We had moved a couple of miles out of Atherstone into the countryside, but the weather forecast warned of plummeting temperatures, so we decided to move on a couple of miles, so as to be in sight of a marina which had all the services we needed in case of the "biggest freeze for 100 years" manifested itself.  (Apparently this headline was in the Daily Express).  So, we stayed put for a few days in case the canal froze over. We did have a bit of ice one morning, but it soon melted away.  Nemo cat loved this mooring as he had a wood in which to explore.  We knew he was having a lovely time, as he kept bringing us "presents" - the furry variety.  Thankfully we managed to prize them out of his grip before they escaped (at least we hope we have).  After a couple of days, and having checked Met Office weather on line, then the news weather forecast, Shifali confirmed that temperatures were set to rise - so we decided it was time to move off.  I should point out to those reading in telly welly wales land, that Shifali is the West Midlands' Derek - but not as entertaining (s'mae).

So, as I was saying, we moved on a bit, through Allotment City which is also known as Nuneaton and moored for the night at the top end of Sutton Stop (Hawkesbury Junction), where we had a lovely meal in The Greyhound.  It's so nice to see a canalside pub thriving.  Thankfully, this visit, the elsan point had been cleaned so Dave didn't have to get his rubber gloves and cleaning kit out.  Unfortunately, the rubbish point was, as usual, awful.  There was even a 4 ring gas hob dumped into the recycling bin, and there was plenty of room in the ordinary rubbish skips, so there's no excuse!  We are now moored at Brinklow, with a rubbish internet signal, so I can't put up any photos, however, it transpires that  NB Armadillo was travelling a couple of hours in front of us, & they've got some photos on their blogspot! 

So it's on to Tesco at Rugby tomorrow, oh joy.  I had hoped to go on line and do a "pick and collect", but due to the rubbish signal, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and go into the shop.

I hope to have the photos on the blogspot tomorrow......


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Hi Sue,
Hope you make it to Rugby, we're now iced in at the bottom of Hillmorton.
Water, boatyard and shops handy, just hope the Met. Office web site is right and it stays cold but not freezing!

Jo Lodge said...

Fingers crossed the weather is n your favour. Stay safe and warm xx