Sunday, 9 December 2012

Nuneaton to Brinklow - the missing photos

Due to a very poor mobile signal, I was unable to show any photos in my recent blog, so here they are....

We always stop at Br20 in Nuneaton, to visit the nearby spice shop, so we can stock up on all the lovely things we don't usually see up our way - and at a fraction of the cost.  As a typical example, I paid £1.99 for a can of coconut milk in Tesco Cefn Mawr.  Here - 59p!!! 
These are NOT bananas - no idea what they are

I would have bought some veg - had I known what they were

Every spice you can think of is here - cheap as chips.

As I said before, Nuneaton seems to have more than it's fair share of allotments. 
All of which are lovingly tended. 

An unusual bow, on a boat we passed

Past Charity Dock, who's number of mannequins have increased substantially

In various poses ... (I hope this was a mannequin, and not the real thing)

In their Christmas outfits.

Sculpture on the bridge at Sutton Stop/Hawkesbury Junction towards Coventry
Sharp left turn, The Greyhound in front

180 degree turn needed from the Coventry Canal onto the North Oxford Canal,

Into the stop lock, with the old pumphouse in the background.  Cold Dave?

The Elephant & Castle pub is having a make over and extension, soon to become a private house I believe.

VW graveyard

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Graham said...


I think that your "bananas" are plantains. They are used a lot in West Indian cookery. I'm sure that you'll find lots of ideas of how to use them on the web. Well worth it.

I coundn't make out what your other mystery vegs were but often the people who run these shops are delighted if someone shows enough interest to ask what things are and how to use them - try it, you might end up with a very interesting meal!