Monday, 24 December 2012


All along this area there are derelict arms veering off from the main line of the canal.  When I "googled" it,  one of the results returned this fascinating article about the "old" Newbold tunnel.  [CLICK HERE] .  We must make a point of finding it. 

The map below shows the old original meandering route of the Oxford Canal, before our old pal Thomas Telford shortened the route. 

Hillmorton - home of the radio masts.
Blimey - is my hair really that red? 
Action shot - does my bum look big in this? 
We couldn't pass through Hillmorton and not put up pictures of the poetry on the lock beams, although it's been blogged about a fair few times now.

They could have got rid of the crayon though!!!

New plaque on the new lock gates

Old carving on thelock wall inside the bottom lock.
Nice sculpture

One of the many murals around Rugby

Don't know who Maurice is, but its a lovely carving of a kingfisher opposite Rugby Wharf
The water tap at Newbold, all kitted out for winter
We had a brief pit stop at Tesco Rugby on the way past, where we bumped into Les & Jaqueline from NB Valerie & had a chat.  Shopping there was a nightmare, choc-a-block. I don't know what was worse - the christmas 'Michael Buble collection' music, or the huge trolleys blocking the isles whilst people stopped for a chat.  No supermarket trolley etiquette at all.  For once, I stuck ridgidly to my shopping list and escaped within half an hour.   Thankfully, the shopping trolleys have been removed, after they were extracted from the canal at BR58.   


Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Yes, your hair IS that red but your bum is TINY! Happy Christmas

No Direction said...

Now you mention it your hair is a bit on the red side and I would never comment on a ladies bum. :)