Wednesday, 28 November 2012

VIP calls in for tea

We had a visitor the other day - Maffi, who stopped for a cuppa on his way down the Atherstone flight, in a howling gale I might add!  We had a nice chat for an hour or so, before he headed off back into the wind, hanging on to the tiller with gritted teeth.
Milly M
My last blog showed pictures of rising, and falling water levels on this bit of the Coventry canal.  Maffi also encountered rising water whilst he was filling up with water at Fazeley Junction, CLICK HERE to see the water coming over the towpath at the water point, compared with this pic....
taken of NB Rock n Roll when we saw them at the same spot the week before.  Now I know it's not much of a rise, compared with river levels, but this is a canal, way above the nearest river, with lots of weirs and run offs to control the water level.
And today's random photo ......
Nemo (I'm not going out in the rain, when I can just lie on this furry rug in the warm)

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Maffi said...

YOu can see very clearly that Milly M was full of poo! Oops!