Thursday, 29 November 2012

Atherstone Dickens Night - a bit of a washout!

Another reason for hanging around Atherstone (apart from the rain) was to attend the annual Atherstone Dickens Night, which happens on the last Saturday of November.  Unfortunately this year it rained, and rained and rained.  Such a disappointment for all those concerned, who take such a long time to organise such an event.  We huddled under the umbrella while the Mayor gave a speech and turned on the Christmas lights. 
There were lots of stalls, bands and the like all the way down Long Street, but alas, not enough punters. 
Local kids' steel band - in their wellies.

A miniture Arriva bus provided a welcome shelter for the kids being dragged round in the rain.
The evening concluded with a firework display, for those still brave enough to be outside!  We had retreated back to the boat, but re-emerged long enough to see the display from just below lock 2...
All together now - aaahhh
Ok - you had to be there for the sound effects to work
On a different matter completely, the C & R T sticker-putter-onner person, hasn't yet got to Atherstone, as all the signs around here still show British Waterways.
And finally .......  random photo of the day .....
A rubber crocodile in the donkey field between the canal and the TNT depot. Why?!?


No Direction said...

In cold weather such as we're having now Crocodiles move very little so it's difficult to tell rubber ones from real ones, be careful and keep dogs on a lead.:)

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Why not?