Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Musical Weekend in Kenilworth

I spent last weekend in Kenilworth with my sister Rachel, as Nia (my niece) had promised to make a cake for my birthday.  Yes - I will travel miles for such a thing!  As we had arrived in Atherstone, well near the bottom of the locks at least, it was easy to get the bus into Coventry, where Rachel picked me up & took me to her home for a few days, where Mum also joined us for a birthday dinner.  My three nieces are all musical - but (1) hate people hearing them practice their various instruments, and (2) hate it even more when people take photographs of them doing it.  So, sorry about the blurred pics taken on my phone but I was trying to do it without them noticing, in between shouts of "Ahhhgg Aunty Sue" etc.  So to embarrass them even more, here are the pics....
Iona with her violin

Nia the piano - electric in this case 

Rhiannon with her guitar

Mum. No musical instrument here (though she does play the piano very well), with a very slavvery Cole the dog on a walk through Crackley Wood. Not many leaves left on the trees here!
Mum kindly drove me back to Grendon/Atherstone on her way home again on Tuesday, so we'll hang around here for a few days to sit out the rain.

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