Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Olympic Torch at Pontcysyllte Aqueduct & Trevor Basin

The Olympic Torch, and the entourage swept into Trevor basin just after 9am this morning.  There were thousands of people waving and cheering, though there was more cheering than waving, as everyone's hands were occupied taking photos!  Got this cracking shot with the new camera, as one flame passed to another onboard Saturn, but I'll let the photos tell the story (some better than others), without apologies of the number of pics I took!

It was a bit hazy this morning, but here's Saturn on the Aqueduct

Saturn's bow just visible on the Aqueduct, above the heads of the masses
The Information Centre, with hundreds of school kids, and Fron Choir belting out the Welsh Classics

Something's happening - police arrive first

Followed by numerous yellow busses

Then this lot...

This is Joanne Gregory, the second torch bearer in Trevor Basin, on her way to take her place on Saturn ready for the hand over from Libby Anderson.

Here it is! 

There it goes....

Past Dock House ....

Past the Information Centre ...

and onto the aqueduct...

Torch bearer change over, Libby Anderson to Joanne Gregory (on Saturn)

Olympic Torch now on Saturn, just as well they removed the cloths - what a headline that would be.... Historic narrowboat destroyed by Olympic flame!

Saturn in Trevor Basin

There goes the torch, back over the swingbridge and into a waiting van to be whisked off to Oswestry, the next stop.
and with a shout, the mad scramble to get away began

the back end of the last bus

View from BR29 with the crowds dispersing

All over - Saturn has left the building!


Jo Lodge said...

Oh Wow Sue, amazing photos. The amount of people out to see the torch is incredible. I bet your so pleased you got to witness it?

Fantastic xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Joanne is my sister-in-law. There were a few of us there to support her all the way! Well done Joanne.

Sue Hunter said...

Yes, it was amazing! I couldn't get over the number of people there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these. We were accompanying the 'school children' so didn't get to see the entourage of vehicles etc. It looks like you had a really good view of everything - and I bet you didn't get poked in the eye by a Welsh flag either!!

Albert said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! It sure looks like a great event and the people are so many! Would have loved to e there personally to witness the torch lighting or passing. It is such a momentous event.