Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Olympic Torch is here tomorrow!

The Olympic Torch will be in Trevor Basin tomorrow morning at 9.00am, before moving onto the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and to the Shroppie Fly Boat Saturn, which will be positioned quarter of the way accross and then hand pulled back to Trevor Basin, carrying the torch.  It will then be loaded in a van and transported onwards to Oswestry.  Bit of a disappointment really, I was under the illusion that the torch was "run" all the way round, I know, thinking about it, it is unrealistic, but it's not even crossing the Aqueduct fully, just a quick run onto it, have a load of photos taken, then back to Trevor Basin.  Dave went over this evening, and took some photos of the bunting on the Aqueduct, from one side to the other, but instead of sending them to the computer, he pressed the delete button instead. Ah well, never mind, I'll just post this one of an advance party who visited this weekend...
The yellow plastic canoe says "Team GB" with the olympic logo, and the yellow thing sticking up at the front of the canoe, is a plastic olympic torch!  Unfortunately, the torch coming around this area is a once in a lifetime event, the effort that has gone into preparing the whole area is phenomenal.  There has been an army of Wrexham Council bods cutting grass all the way from Wrexham to Trevor, plants planted, scruffy paintwork painted, new signs erected all around Trevor Basin.  It's a lovely place to be.  Tidy, as they say round these parts. 

So it's an early start for me tomorrow morning, to get to the other side of the Aqueduct before they close the canal and towpath at 8am.  All boat traffic will also stop till around 9.30am, which will mean complete chaos once boats do start moving, as Wednesday morning is one of the busiest times of the week.  Glad I'm not working for BW trying to sort that lot out!  Oh - and we've bought a new camera (at last), so hopefully the pics here will be of a better quality than from my mobile phone!
Unfortunately, as I write this, there are a few Welsh flags floating down the canal - part of the bunting which had been put up accross the Aqueduct.  I do hope it will still be there in the morning, and some little oik hasn't torn down the whole lot....

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