Monday, 28 May 2012

Craning in boats at the Limekilns

There have been a couple of boats on the hard standing here at the Limekilns, whilst repairs have been carried out to them.  Both boats were craned back into the water the other day.....

Once they'd practiced on the small(ish) boat - it was time to move on to the big beast.....

This is the 1935 GUCC small woolwich "Bootes", belonging to Steve Furniss, of Llangollen Wharf.  Unfortunately, en route to their new mooring up in Llangollen wharf, they found that Bootes was to wide to go through Hurleston Locks, so they put it on the back of a lorry, transported it up here by road, and commenced pulling in the sides to make it narrower.  Hope that it's worked!

Safely in the water, after two moves by the crane,
and an evening cruise up the Llangollen to their new mooring.

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