Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Full Moon and Full Boat

Full moon shining through the trees last night, lighting up the whole area.

Whilst running the engine today, it coughed and spluttered and ran out of diesel.  Dave phoned the elusive man with a can in a van & the phone went straight to answerphone, so Dave left another - polite message - we're not in a position to be demanding!  Crisis averted when Dot & Dave came to the rescue and took [my] Dave to Streethay for a couple of cans of the rare red liquid.  We then did an Aldi shop, whilst Dave carted water from tap to boat till it was full again.  The icing on the cake was Mr Diesel Man turned up with 100ltrs of red gold.  Thank you very much, we appreciate it alot!  So we now have a full load of water, shopping, red stuff of the drinkable variety, and enough diesel to last a few days when diesel can man says he will return.

This is a pic of how far we got when we tried to move to the water point the other day.  We didn't get very far as you can see before admitting defeat just alongside the boat moored in front.  We've broken up the ice again to give the resident ducks somewhere to move around, and also as a deterrent for Nemo cat - who fell in at around 3am this morning, but thankfully managed to hoist himself out.  Will he ever learn?  I doubt it.

Frozen canal:- picture was taken from the swing bridge at Fradley Junction, looking back up the Coventry Canal.

Mr Duck was looking decidedly tasty before Dot & Dave took me to Lichfield to do an Aldi shop.


Anonymous said...


I hope your diesel deliveryman was not the same man shown on last nights TV program, he was being arrested for stealing fuel and selling it. He was a liveaboard in what looked like the Mercia mariner (not 100% sure). The police referred to him and the fuel in a can vanman.

Tom and Jan said...

If you can see this then I was able to leave a comment.
nb Waiouru