Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wood wood and more wood

Well, it had to happen - after ordering and receiving a load of logs last week, (1) the weather changed for the better and (2) we came accross this lot ...

Curses!! We should have known we'd find a hoard  - but of this size - a boater's dream come true.  We can't take advantage of it as we've already got a roof full. So if anyone's interested, you can find it between bridges 24A and 24, just outside Willington.

There's even a directional arrow to say "wood this way" in case you've missed it.

Now for those of you who like me, are always sceptical about the claim of "free range eggs" printed on the pack of eggs, all the specks in these pics are of chickens, free range chickens, and hundreds and hundreds of em, roaming around! [bettysfarm]

 Loads of brewerys around Burton on Trent.  This one, in the distance is now a rare sight, as they've been replaced by more modern buildings.
Can someone tell me why one would buy a canal side property, then do your best to hide the canal?

They are trying around here - these lovely wooden carvings of kingfishers mark the start of "The kingfisher walk" through Burton.  Which is spot on - we had one moving with the boat today for over a couple of miles - right alongside the very busy A38 of all places.

Geese preening themselves in the middle of Burton on Trent, with their own sculptures behind them.

Big bow yesterday, now a big chimney today.

I know, I know, I should get out more - I recognised this boat 200 yards away - it's the old disabled trip boat which used to run from Trevor Basin until it was sold off a few years ago.  Still shows the old signwriting, and even the Llangollen Trust's telephone number.  Malcolm Edwards (OBE) used to skipper this boat.  He's now retired and can be found on his narrowboat Becky anywhere between Llangollen and Birmingham, making fenders and singing in pubs (if he can remember the words to the songs HE has written).   Lovely man.

Crossing the Dove Aqueduct, over the River Dove.  Unfortunately, the dove cote was just to the right and didn't come out in the pic. 
Moored up outside Mercia Marina, awaiting delivery of some pork chops from Dot & Dave who have a 'contact' who rears pigs. 
Update:  Pork chops have arrived, and we are not disappointed.  They're huge!  Hope my cooking does them justice.

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