Friday, 24 February 2012

Stuck in Fradley AGAIN - this time due to police incident

After an early start from Alrewas, the plan was to do a quick sprint to Stone, so I could get a train easily on Sunday.  However, we didn't get very far due to the canal being closed from Shadehouse lock to Woodend lock.  The police have drained the pound, and are searching for a missing man, who was last seen in that area last Saturday night.  The search began on Wednesday morning.  The police are at this moment wading through the canal, also with a boat with some kind of ultrasound scanning thing.  They want to rule out that the missing man isn't in the canal before allowing boat traffic through.  As you can imagine, Fradley is a very busy place today with boats stacking up.  The police can''t say when the canal will be re-watered, but in any case it will take a day at least before the levels are up.  So we're stuck here again, this time outside the pub.  Just hope the bloke turns up alive and well somewhere.

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