Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dead bodies and leaves make for slow progress

Had a very noisy night last night outside the NIA with buses and kids due to the first night of 'Disney on Ice', rowdy lot those disney fans.  Progress out of Birmingham was very slow due to the leaves and rubbish debris in the canal.  We resorted to flushing the boat out of locks at Minworth the going was that slow, rubbish and leaves in abundance.  Got held up at Nechelles by the recovery of a dead body in the canal.  We were only held up for about half an hour but were then allowed through whilst they waited for the undertaker to remove the body from the side of the canal.  We were lucky - when we got through, there was a boat the other end who had been waiting for 3 hours & wasn't that chuffed that we had got through whilst he was still not allowed passage.  We left him 'discussing' the situation with the policeman.  So that was 30+ locks today & boy do I feel it!  Looking forward to seeing Mr Tesco delivery man tomorrow with supply of the red stuff.

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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I see you've just joined the UK Waterways Ranking Site. Unfortunately there’s a typo in the link for your registration which shows your blog as which has two dots before com so you won’t get many visitors that way.

I spotted that when gathering the data this morning for our monthly blog on UKWRS at You‘ve just passed very close to our boat at its home mooring in Birmingham where it’s moored when were not out filming DVDs and cruising for fun.

I hope to meet you sometime.