Friday, 12 November 2010

Just like being at sea!

We made it to Atherstone, Dave's been re-united with Lady Godiva at the Market Tavern (one of his favourite pubs) so he's a happy bunny.  The pub has recently been refurbished and looks great.

The weather over the last couple of days has been awful, so we chickened out & waited till the winds subsided before we moved on.  I was certainly rocked to sleep last night.  We could see yesterday evening that the road about 1/2 mile away had been closed by a fallen tree & the council workmen and police were clearing it from the road.  We lashed everything down on the roof and hoped it was still there in the morning.  I did take a picture of the waves, but it looks a bit tame ...
 We did moor near a tree, not the best idea in 80mph winds i know, but we wanted Nemo to get a bit of excersise, away from the water's edge.  He's decided he doesn't like going outside now considering his last few ventures. Ah well, we'll take him back into the country for a bit so he can run around, after we've got diesel & coal from Gosty Hill at top of Atherstone.

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