Sunday, 28 November 2010

Nemo masters the breast-stroke

Yep, he's been in again.  Must have had some distance learning from Daisy  as he put in a marvellous performance in the breast stroke.  This time he was on the outside gunnel, in the dark, looking in through the window at us, tried to turn around, and didn't make it.  By the time I got outside to the front deck, he had swum halft the length of the boat, fortunately to the front, got to the bank, and I eventually managed to pull a black cat out of the darkness.  I couldnt see anything in the water, just followed the sound of something swimming.  How many lives is a cat supposed to have?  Again - no photos - as Dave is more embarrassed than the cat.

We were moored two locks up from Grendon in a lovely spot, as you can see, ice is already forming even in the sunshine.  Bird feeders on the tree which attracted a 'gang' of long tailed tits every day.  Lovely.

 Beautiful sunsets:
 and a full moon:

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