Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nemo sheepishly accepts offer of swimming lessons from Daisy

Thank you Daisy for the offer of swimming lessons for Nemo (NB Matilda Rose).  Yes - he's been in again - yesterday, this time he jumped onto the bow between the button and the deck (the pointy bit), but missed - again - as i've said before, he's not the brightest button on your shirt.  I didn't take a photo as Dave said I would embarrass him even more (the cat or dave?!)  To his credit, he has mastered doggy paddle (Nemo, not Dave) but obviously needs to practice exit techniques.  He is yet to venture out unsupervised due to his less than adequate performance with boating in general.  He is far happier in his hammock watching the world go by....
he did have a lovely time, chasing leaves outside the Dog & Doublet, under supervision! 

Today we passed through the moorings and unique bridge for Drayton Manor Park & Zoo.

Well we survived bonfire night/weekend without too many traumas from Nemo cat.  Thankfully, due to the numerous RSPB pools in the area, the firework displays were kept to a minimum, the nearest one at Drayton Manor. We did see a vista of firework displays, but thankfully from a distance.

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