Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Dave was begnning to think that Banks' breweries had taken over, so a change of plan was called for, and we headed for Birmingham.  He's now had his "fix" at the Wellington, and all is well with the world.  16 real ales plus 3 ciders to chose from, with the added bonus that you can take in your own food if you want to.  Now that's what i call a great pub. .  Any pub with spotless toilets is worth a mention - with fresh flowers, sweeties, hand creams etc etc. There's also the added bonus of the beautiful building that is the old joint stock, just around the corner    where we met up with Frank & Gill (NB Fragil). 

The Cube building has been completed since our last visit, and the new library building is under construction, with two huge tower cranes dominating the skyline.

The good news is that Nemo cat has now managed 4 days without falling in!

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