Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stourbridge Weekend - The Preparations...

No visit to Stourbridge would be complete without a visit to the Royal Exchange,
a proper pub, with a proper bar, serving proper beer - Batham's.  Dave's favourite pub in the country!
And so to work ....
Fountains trimming back overhanging trees on the Stourbridge Arm.
CRT were working up the arm too, for a couple of days.  We later found out that Richard Parry was due to visit - which puts a dent in the argument of the whole area being overgrown.

Boat shuffling

Cleaning, painting, litter picking

Lots more cutting back of overgrowing trees,  

Joe at the helm of Nansen, with Colin Cartwright in the bushes

Nansen under that lot

Joe Hollingshead

Barrie Johnson & Mike Rolf lost in the undergrowth

A full day of cutting back ensured that there was plenty of room for the visiting boats - without anyone loosing chimneys from the roof!

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