Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rhiannon's 18th Birthday

After the Stourbridge boat rally, we decided to go the long way round to Rugby/Braunston, rather than go through the centre of Birmingham, so as to give Nemo cat a bit of countryside after hurdy gurdys and steam traction engines belting out noise from the festival weekend.  It also meant that I could get a train from Penkridge to my sister Rachel's for a couple of days, and to celebrate her eldest daughter Rhiannon's 18th birthday family dinner.  No apologies for all the pics posted here, it's so family and friends who are not on facebook can see them (hello Mum!).

The birthday girl, with my other sister Bethan's eldest, Robert

Nephew and nieces together.  L-R Nia, Rob, Rhiannon, Nel, and Iona

Bruno's parents and his sister made the epic drive from Glasgow, which due to the traffic on the start of half term holidays took 7 hours.

Good old Rachel - always comes up with a good cake!

Assunta (Bruno's Mum) and my sister Bethan

Not a great photo I admit - Nell, you're looking a bit startled there!

That's a bit better... L-R  Nell, Rob, Bruno, Mum and Tony

Rachel, decorating the room for the party dinner in the Almanack in Kenilworth

Youngest niece Iona

Tony, Iona (Rachel's no.3) Mum, Nia (Rachel's no.2) and my younger sister Rachel

Nia and Iona

Nieces and Nephew again:  Nell, Nia, Iona, Rhiannon & Rob

Rachel's three girls

The compulsory eating shots.....

Rhiannon posing with Bethan's birthday present - the complete works of Shakespeare.
My present was on it's way - a Marilyn Manson hoody (whoever she is). 
Talk about one extreme to the other!
Ah lovely pic:  Nia, Rob, Rhiannon, Nel & Iona

Dad Bruno giving his speech - he'd even prepared notes!
I did take a load more photos - which didn't come out as they were all blurred, as I had the camera on the wrong setting, duh.  Of course, as I was taking all the pics, I'm not on any of them!
We all had a lovely night, thanks to Rachel for organising it.  No mean feat when we all live in different parts of the country.  It was lovely to see everybody.  Rhiannon is having another party this weekend for all her friends - a Halloween party.  Rachel & Bruno will be on duty guarding the house!

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