Saturday, 27 October 2012

Happy Anniversary Dave - 20 Years Living Afloat

Congratulations are in order - Dave's been living afloat now for 20 years today!!

Dave bought Sans Souci when he took early retirement from the RAF, and has been living afloat ever since.  6 years ago we sold the house and bought a second boat, Beefur, and travelled with the two boats, both of us single handed.   We sold Sans Souci last year, and now (both!) live aboard Beefur, which makes life a bit easier.
It was difficult, when looking for a photo of Dave, to find one without him pulling a funny face, or being grumpy 'cos I'm taking a photo of him, however I did find this one, taken on the sly!


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Unknown said...

Congratulations - can't believe it's a year since we sat down to dinner with you to celebrate Dave's 19 years afloat