Monday, 28 May 2012

It's been too hot to blog!

We've been making the most of this wonderful weather, and as such, I haven't wanted to sit inside this hot house, I'm sure the computer would have melted!  So there's a few random photos taken over the last couple of weeks....
I should have posted this one at the time .... NB Hadar came this way a couple of weeks ago.  It was lovely to finally meet Jo & Kieth and have a good chat. 

A couple more boaty pics..

The (ex) Rev Reed's hotel boats Oak and Ash came past (aka the two planks), surprisingly slowly, and I didn't hear him shout at anyone.

The Shropshire Union Fly Boat Saturn has been in Llangollen for few days. It was towed by Tony Lewry's boat The Greenman to Trevor Basin, then horse drawn up to Llangollen by one of the Llangollen Wharf horses, for an educational visit.  It will then be brought back to Trevor Basin, ready to accommodate the Olympic Torch on it's journey accross the aqueduct (more of that in my next blog).

You do see some strange objects on the roof of boats, but I haven't seen this before ...
A tuba?  and here is said large brass instrument in action, at the side of Llangollen Station, in an impromptu shindig.  These Dutch guys had hired a Black Prince boat from Chirk for the week, and were having a lovely time thank you very much.

On to more random pics......
In the workshop in Chirk Marina, a robin has made himself at home, and is very tame.  The lads feed it, and it will eat out of your hand.  He's not put off at all by the noise of the power tools.

Nemo cat is not impressed by this heat and prefers to stay on the bed at the back....

If he does come out in the daylight, he stays very close.

We've got a new Morrison's shop in Wrexham, so I thought i'd investigate.  I've never seen such a variety of vegetables, some I've never heard of before, & some I'd only ever seen on Masterchef, so I had to try them out.  Unfortunately I had no idea what to do with them - thank goodness for t'internet!
Here we have yellow corgette, globe artichoke, salsify, king oyster mushroom, golden enoki mushrooms and purple potatoes.  We'd already eaten the samfire.

So ends this random blog.  I will try and make the next one a bit more coherent!

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Jo Lodge said...

Hi Sue. It was great meeting you as well. Thanks for answering the question as to what was on the roof of the hire boat, I did wonder when it came past. A couple of days later friends of our joined them on the towpath for a musical get together and had a fab time.
We saw the Rev on the Monty, he is back as a Rev part time apparently hahaha. We never heard him shout at anyone either, which makes a nice change hahaha.

Have a lovely Summer xxx