Saturday, 15 October 2011

Stourbridge Open Weekend / Boat Gathering

The open weekend is in full swing, with boats everywhere!  Lots of beautiful working boats here, all with brasses shining & engines popping.  What a wonderful day for it!

Beefur & Fragil competing for the "who's got the tallest aerial" competition.
You know you're getting old ... when the car you learned to drive in is now a "vintage"!

At least it wasn't one of these though....

Ah - police cars when they were round and friendley (Ken Smith had one of these)

Back to boats - this should solve any arguments about being "under propped"

The always immaculately turned out boat & butty Tenacious & Temeraire

Lord Mayor's parade & cavelcade returning to the Stourbridge Arm to the noise of boat horns and bugles.

Of course there's always one ...  This boat decided to go for a jaunt just as the Lord Mayor's procession was rounding the bend heading through the line of working boats, thus sending all the boat in the flotilla into reverse and subsequently sideways.  Ah well, all adds to the spectacle I suppose.

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Unknown said...

Sue, You will find us in (Brum by the end of Sherborne Wharf) on Wednesday as we both have appointments on Weds/Thurs now. I expect we will go out and come back again. See you soon