Saturday, 22 October 2011

Power problems solved - that's 4 new batteries then!

On our way to Brum:  Well it's bye bye Stourbridge for another year.  We have solved the power problems - it wasn't the inverter (after buying a new one), and it wasn't the fridge.  No - we didn't buy a new one.  Despite the Numax batteries showing "green" for good, on the indicators, and despite them being less than 2 years old, the batteries were shot.  We have now bought 4 new batteries and (touch wood) all is functioning as it should.  Thank you Martin Brookes at Stourton for the testing equipment.  Dave did try and sort it out at the dry dock at Stourbridge, but the new guy there was disinterested & couldn't be bothered in such a trivial thing as no power on a narrowboat.

Pic below - Albert is waving goodbye - he's one of the three (yes 3) employed to move Tenacious & Temeraire with the owner, the 7 miles & 7 locks back to their base.  Albert tends to pop up unexpectedly at locks and start lockwheeling - we've known him for many years round Stourbridge and the BCN, but also at Audlem, Tyreley and bizzarly in Llangollen of all places (no locks there tho).

It was another lovely couple of days for cruising.  Up the Stourbridge locks and past the Red House |Glass Cone. 

Up and up the Stourbridge and Delph locks
To Merry Hill where we moored for the night

Netherton Hill in the distance, which we'll be skirting round on the way to join the Main Line

Through the waterfront at Merry Hill.  There was a boat moored here, can't remember the name, only the owners (as signwritten in big letters)  "Norfolk and Chance".  Charming!  We stopped for a meal at Wetherspoons, we thought cheap and cheerful would be the order of the day after forking out so much on batteries and an inverter - we had 4 drinks and two main meals for less than £20!

Getting closer to Netherton Hill, with the church spires poking through the trees.
Lots of wonderful new sculptures and mile posts on the Dudley Canal...

Still without graffitti

Windmill End

And into the Netherton Tunnel, where there was a workboat moored in the right in the middle of the tunnel.  Luckily we did see workmen walking around with torches on their helmets, but the boat wasn't clearly distinguishable.  There's light at the end of the tunnel....

And eventually - after 40 minutes and 3058 yards - out the other end
and onto the Main Line, with it's toll islands

Under the M5 and the old line canal

And into Birmingham City Centre, where we'll stay for a few days, giving me time to visit Mum, for what would have been Dad's birthday. 

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