Thursday, 26 January 2012


Don't take any notice of our location on the Waterways Explorer map - Dave has been plotting journeys from previous years to try and get a log up to date, and it shows we're in Llangollen Basin at the moment - which we're obvisously not!  He's spent months doing it, and it shows he's near the 10,000 mile mark! 

We've had a leisurely few days meandering towards Fradley, where I've got a hire car booked to travel to Mum's for the weekend.  The plan is to load up the car with the wood we have sitting in "storage" .  Not much point in having a load of wood in our summer mooring when we don't have the fire lit. 
Strange one this:- an old WW2 look out post in the middle of the field, protecting the canal and the railway I guess, the railway line was all rebuilt a couple of years ago to accommodate four tracks, with long bridges over the River Tame, which is prone to flooding.   The 6 blocks of flats in Tamworth are visible to the left, which dominate the skyline for miles around here, as there's not many hills round here.

Moored near Hopwas

We've got all the bird identification books out since visiting Kingsbury Water Park, trying to identify the interlopers, like this goose - not a canada goose, but not much of anything else either!

Picture taken out of the window of one of the bird hides in the water park.  There is an egret dead centre of this pic, which can be seen when you display the photo on the computer, but not much good when it's this small size.  One day we'll buy a proper camera!

Haven't seen this one before.  There's all sorts of traders on the canals these days, selling everything from coal and diesel to cheese, but - nope - never seen a floating hairdressers!  (Moored near Hopwas if you're in need of a short back & sides)

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Looking forward to seeing you. Love Mum