Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trolly dolly dash

We were getting a bit low on diesel & so was the boat infront of us, and the boat infront of him.  It ended up with 3 blokes armed with their trolly dollies - sorry stack trucks - trundling down the towpath laden with empty diesel cans on a mission to load up from the local fuel oil depot.  One hour later, I heard the distinct rumble of the trucks returning - mission accomplished & we've topped up with the red stuff.  Very busy day today, Dave also did a few of water container runs.  After being stuck out in the wilds last winter for 6 weeks stuck in ice, we are very very lucky to be here with all amenities at our disposal.  We've been reading blogs, and there's a couple of boats who have already given up and left their boats.  If it wasn't for this new 2nd stove in the back of the boat, we'd have probably done the same.  We'll do a laundrette run tomorrow.  Log delivery due tomorrow, coal man delivered yesterday.  I just hope Piers Corbyn (a weather forecaster who specialises in astrophysics)  is wrong, he says it is the beginning of the next ice age - according to today's Telegraph.  We'd better start saving up for a set of skis to affix to the bottom of the boat.  The day of the horse towing the boat may over, but it could be the start of a new breed of raindeer........

Which brings me neatly on to the best xmas decoration I've seen this year so far - it's 10ft high and located at the front of the Barge & Bridge pub.

We're still keeping some water available for the ducks, boy were they grateful first thing this morning, they were really thirsty & just sat drinking water as soon as we had broken it up.

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Unknown said...

I think I may have caught up with you. Thanks for the card and we wish you and Dave a Happy and warm Christmas and a prosperous New Year. If this gets to you you may be interested to know that you are moored close to where my grandparents farmed at Ansley and Over Whitacre. We will be in Warwickshire (weather permitting) from 29th Dec to 2nd Jan.
Best Wishes
Robin & Mary Jones