Monday, 8 March 2010

Into Birmingham

Up bright and early on Sunday morning, ready for the cruise into Birmingham.  Looked outside to find yet more ice, so got the thermals out again.   Chickened out of setting off, and had another cuppa.  Horah!! An Anglo Welsh boat crunched its way passed us and carved a path through the ice, so we gave him a 20 min start and followed.  Not far after Hockley Heath is a huge development which sprouts up right in the middle of the countryside with nothing else around it in either direction, quite bizzare. 

Side view:
Forward view:

Lavish central water feature, water cascading down steps:

A minute later, you're passed it.  View looking back:

View looking forward:

Nearer Birmingham we hit the chicane, glad we already knew about it from other people's blogs, so we knew you could get through it.

Glad to see that someone's found a good use for old tyres.  And onwards into the big city. 

The Cube's not finished yet: 

Sampled the delights of The Wellington - 16 real ales, unfortunately we didn't have the stamina to sample them all.  Caught up with  NB Armadillo and had a nice chat about boaty adventures and being frozen in up the Ashby, they were at Market Bosworth and us at Snarestone.

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Unknown said...

What the Dickens Heath did the planners think they were doing when they passed it?