Saturday, 13 March 2010

Catching up with pals on the Shroppie

Dot & Dave (NB Lace Lady) came to visit for a few hours, by car though, not by boat at Wheaton Aston for Dave's birthday.  Nice to catch up with them, not seen them since we travelled together October/November last year.  Couldn't get into Turners garage for diesel as contractors were installing piling to the canalside - at last!  Pit stop at Norbury Junction, which was extremely busy with walkers, and seemed to be ownership change-over day. Familiar sights as we travelled, including the same boats moored in the same spots that they were last year.  Some with licences, some not.

Next day saw us bump into Dave's pal - another Dave - with his new (to him) boat 70ft Little Woolwich ex working boat Hyperion.  Hope he keeps this one, as he changes his boat every couple of years! It's got an Armstrong Siddley twin engine and sounds fantastic, we have a AS single cylinder on Sans Souci, so the boys were comparing notes.

Saw some wonderful wildlife on the way....

Duck up a tree at Brewood:
A crocodile in the water:

A buzzard stabding his ground as we passed:

The two Daves: 

Beautiful old boats at Knighton:

High Bridge at Woodseaves:

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