Thursday, 4 March 2010

Up we go - Hatton

What a fantastic day for boating.  Had a quick visit to Rachel's in Kenilworth while we were in Warwick.  Set off this morning after a visit to Kate Boats for the essentials, and UP Hatton flight we went.  Unfortunately all the locks were against us - but hey - we had all day, so no rush, plus I needed the excersise after being on the Ashby and Coventry without doing locks for so long, got arms like Arnie's now.  Makes you feel good now that "March" is in the date and knowing spring is on it's way.  Lots of people out walking, all happy, smiley and chatty.  We even saw a butterfly (a real one) and a dragonfly (not so real but very beautiful).  Captain Cat very pleased to be back in the countryside after a couple of days in a town.  She won't be impressed when we get to Birmingham.

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