Friday, 12 December 2014

Spain - Part Three (including the foodie pics!)

Yet more pics from Spain - I hope you're keeping up Mum!

Wine tasting, as you do.....

Me with my new purchase - a fantastic leather bag.  Bought at half the price the bloke at the market was selling it for originally, thanks entirely to Andy's negotiating skills, and fluent Spanish!

Flamingos!!!  Who'd have thought!  This is on our way to Calpe, for a final fling before we left the following day. 

Dave heading off at a pace to Trudy's bar in Javea for a 'penultimate'

I can't help myself, we had such wonderful food here, I just had to take pictures of it, it was so fabulous!!  We certainly ate our share of fish.

If I ever find this wine over here, you won't be seeing me for a while!

In every supermarket, there were stands and stands of these hams. 
Shame they weigh so much, or I would have tried to smuggle one home.

I did try to make them when we came back here (pork meat balls in a chorizo & tomato sauce), but they didn't taste a patch on Andy's.

I'm going to have to eat it - it's got my name on it.

On to the fish restaurants in Calpe, which were amazing.  They displayed their 'dishes' raw, in a chiller cabinet, you then browsed the raw dishes, picked the one you wanted, they then took it away and cooked it.

Dave and I were tempted by this massive tray of prawns, langustines and other beasties,
but it was too much for even us to take on.

so we opted for lobster paella instead.  I'm salivating just thinking about it now!

I think Dave's face says it all.

Boy, was it good! 

Look at the size of that fish!

And finally, this pic is taken in Calpe, where coincidentally, our next door boat neighbours, Rick & Hazel spent their holiday climbing the bit of rock in the background!

Below is a pic of Rick in action, climbing said rock.

And that, my friends was our holiday in pictures.  A memorable 50th birthday I'm sure you'll agree.  Back to the real world now, well, not really the 'real' world, but the boaty world of Sue & Dave, so back to boating blogging.

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you had a great time. You've made me dribble with all those fish pictures and that paella.....