Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Spain - Part One

We've been back from our holiday in Spain for over 10 days now, but we just haven't had a decent enough signal to put up the holiday pics (sorry Mum), that is despite 'upgrading' the dongle.  Hey ho, never mind, we're up and running now.
I did say that I would bore you with loads of photos from Spain, so here goes.....
So, on a rainy Friday morning we boarded our plane, me wearing my badge of honour.

From dull and dreary, to this........
That's more like it!

Hello Javea (or Xabia), and hello to Andy and Richard.

fantastic views of Montgo and Javea

Looking down on the town and the bay.
It wasn't long however, before we started eying up boats..

this one is quite a beauty
the boat - that is!

Although I feel this is more to my budget

At last - a boat I can afford!


Richard and myself looking rather merry!

Mellowing now!

Javea Port

and round to Javea Arenal

Javea Port with Montgo in the background

We certainly had some feasts over there - this is a little snack Andy rustled up...

Oh, us in a bar, surely not

Hear no evil etc etc!

Javea church, which was as spectacular inside as it is outside.  The ceiling inside is all made of wood, shaped to look like the inside of a hull of a boat.  I didn't like to take a photo inside.

Another view from the top of the hill, looking down on the port,
with the round church in the middle of the pic


Beautiful skies and sandy beaches, and yes - people were swimming in the sea it was that warm.

Montgo, picture taken from the balcony

old windmills on the brow of the hill, now converted to dwellings


Oh, we do like a glass of fizz

Another wonderful Andy & Richard meal.
I certainly had a fabulous and memorable 50th birthday.
That's it for today, will bore you with some more pictures of sunshine and cocktails tomorrow - or when I can get a signal again!

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