Monday, 21 January 2013

Fradley - here come the snow pics!

No apologies for the snowy wonderland pictures here - my Mum wants to see them! 

Well, it's snowed here at Fradley for 3 days on and off.

Which makes it such a beautiful landscape, all nice and clean with all this white stuff.

The canal didn't seem to have that much ice on it, so we decided to risk it and get to the tap - the tap which Dave has been monitoring every day, morning and evening, making sure it's ever so slightly on, so as not to freeze up (like water tap no.2 next to it).  He told the continuous moorer, the first boat past the water point, what he was trying to do, as some "helpful" soul had been turning it off, and thankfully, it remained usable and unfrozen when we came to use it.

The ice was quite a bit thicker than we thought, but as we only had a few yards to go through the thick bits, we persevered, and thankfully reached the tap.  As you can see, there isn't any ice from the taps and around the junction.

Unfortunately, Nemo cat WILL NOT go outside.  He does not like the snow one little bit.  We keep throwing him out the front door, but he just runs round to his cat flap at the back in again.  So that's something else we now have to cart from shop to boat - cat litter.

The wood opposite looks magical with the snow.  Lots of owls about, but no good for trying to get a photo.  Same for the fox we saw last night, I did try taking a photo, but it just came out as a black blob in the wood as the light was fading.

We put the feeders up as soon as we arrived here, and the local birds are very grateful, although the robins seem to spend most of their time chasing each other off, rather than just getting on with eating.  I hope you've got your feeders up!  I know most of you won't carry bird seed around with you, but crushed up cornflakes, the odd raisin, porrage oats, bit of the old Atora suet, fruit, even an old apple core thrown at the base of a tree will provide great sustenance to our little birdies. 
Birds on the feeder blog coming soon! (We had a pair of spotted woodpeckers today, but someone came past & frightened them off before I could whip out the camera).

A big buzzard opposite.  No doubt eyeing up the birdies on the feeders! 


Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Hi, yes we do remember Jack the hairy dog and 'his' boat. I didn't know that there was a launderette next door to the Mucky Duck.
If you're now on cat litter, I suggest the wood pellets - very efficient and revert to sawdust when wet so can be emptied anywhere.
Unless there is a SOFT molehill, Daisy comes in to use her litter tray and then goes out again!! Glad you're not stuck fast - yet xx

Jo Lodge said...

Beautiful photographs and like you we have a lot of snow at Welford, which gives wonderful photograph opportunities.
The taps are working here, and like you we have kept an eye on them.

You both stay safe x

Sue Hunter said...

Thanks for the comment Jo. just as well cameras are now digital judging by the amount of pics we've taken.

Sue Hunter said...

Hi Jill. When I say "laundrette" it's actually two large washers and two large driers, rather than someone there to do it for you! But it serves its purpose very well, I did some hand washing yest & dried it all in machine for £2. Cat litter: Yep, pellets are better - when we can get them. Keep warm!