Saturday, 23 June 2012

Springwatch at the Limekilns - Part 2

Well, let's get on with the bit that blogger wouldn't let me get on with....

As I was saying - we've had lots of birds on and around the bird feeders.  The blue tit fledglings prefer the fat balls (as do the squirrels), the woodpecker prefers peanuts, and the nut hatches prefer the seed - preferably the black seed - so spits out any other seed onto the floor until he comes to a black one.  The jackdaws have perfected the knack of divebombing the lantern type feeder, so knocking seeds to the floor.  The seeds on the floor are then shared between the jackdaws, ducks and Mr & Mrs Pheasant.  This is a picture of Percy, who is particularly camera shy, although Mrs P is worse and i've given up trying to get a pic of her!

Who you lookin' at?

Keep walking duckies - the O.C.F. is LIT (outdoor cooking facility & any mention of the word barbeque and the heavens open).  You may end up here.........

We're well into the private boat season (and ownerships of course) - the time between half term and the end of June.  Unfortunately for us, this means early mornings - sometimes very early mornings, as they like to 'get a good run' up the top bit of the Llangollen so go past anytime after 5.30 - that's in the AM - not PM, which is a bit counter productive as they meet all the boats who have left Llangollen to 'get a good run' down.  It's never hire boats that go past early - they're on their holidays!  We did however have a reprieve one day last week, and the first boat didn't come past until after 8am.  Again, unfortunately for us, it was the day of the grass cutters, who roared up and down at just after 7am.  Ah well, at least the place looks well cared for.

I love this.  This is the grass cutter's interpretation of walking slowly with the leaf blower to clear the path of the mown grass - load it on to the lawn mower, hold it down, and drive at 20mph down the middle of the towpath.  Job done.

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