Tuesday, 26 October 2010


As you've guessed from the uploaded photos, the computer problems have been fixed.  We stopped to shop at Sainsbury's Kidderminster & spotted a PC World.  I bundled all the defective/inadequate software and hardware into a bag and sauntered to said computer shop, expecting the "oh sorry, we havent got the staff in today, call back tomorrow", or the sharp intake of breath and "oh, nothing we can do, you'll just have to buy a new digital camera".  But no - the "tech guys" had a look at the computer & fixed the problem in 30 mins.  Apparently this new computer with windows 7 doesnt like old software like my 3month old mobile phone (eh!), or the digital camera - which is a few years old to be fair - but not as old as the response from the "Tech" person at PC World warranted - "Oh wow - it's a HP325! I used to have one of these years ago!" Thanks alot says I, I didnt realise I owned the first antique digital camera.  Anyway, problems seem to be solved with a download & running software with just about the capacity to copy photos and nothing else - anything better than nothing.
Photo of Beefur arriving in Kidderminster. 

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