Thursday, 29 May 2014

Buckden & Saturn in Trevor Old Dry Dock

What a way to start a day!  I was just opening up in the Information Centre, when Buckden and Saturn arrived in Trevor Basin.  The plan was to see if they would both get into the 'wet' dock (as opposed to the Anglo Welsh dry dock next door).  CRT plan to repair the walls between the two docks, and hopefully put it to good use.

You don't see many of these on the top end of the Llangollen Canal!


With a bit of heaving and shoving, the stop planks were removed, and opened up the dock, for the first time in many, many years.

First to enter the dock was Saturn, the only remaining Shroppie Fly Boat, ably manoeuvred by CRT's Les.

Then Buckden.....

That's a big boat!

Gently does it.....

And they're in... both of them.

And out again.....

of course the rain was coming down in buckets

Bit of pulling, bit of poling.......

and they were off again. 
This is the first time anyone can remember that two boats have been in the dock together - let's hope it's not the last, and the much awaited repairs are carried out to accommodate visiting boats such as these.

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