Saturday, 18 January 2014

Enjoying the Wildlife

We're enjoying the wildlife this part of the world has to offer over the last couple of weeks.  Although half the time, we haven't got the camera to hand, and then they come out blurred!  Ah well, we'll persevere........

This is also a buzzard, shame I couldn't get a more focused shot, he's really white - but it is a buzzard!

You could spot him a mile a way, sitting in the trees.

See anything?  Right in the middle of the picture there's a fox walking under the fence line, and right along the railway line at Tamhorn.

This is him carrying on walking as if nothing is happening above him - there's an 11 coach Virgin train thundering past him, just above his head.

And on he goes, undaunted.

I must find out where this bloke sells his pork - the new pig farm just outside Rugeley.

Goosanders in the flooded Trent.

That's not a swan in the distance - its an egret - again, on the Trent

We've seen more kingfishers this week than I think we saw in the whole of last year.

This one didn't move an inch as the boat passed him by.

No, thank you!
A hundred or so geese - but they're not canadas.


Red wings gathering, just as the sun was going down.

Female chaffinch.  I think we're going to have to get a better camera with all these wildlife pics.

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