Monday, 5 September 2011

Day boat number 6 arrives

Another day, another day boat.  Day boat number 6 was delivered last week, to add to the fleet operating at Anglo Welsh at Trevor Basin.  We had hoped that this meant that one of the old boats would be "retired", but all 6 are operating at the moment.
Brand new boat being delivered - no scratches on the paint - for now.

Dayboat No. 1  "Jawcawls" in action - bouncing off the concrete then into the boat moored in front of us, then back to the concrete.  It missed us though.

We seem to have survived the busiest week of the season, August bank holiday week.  The kids start to go back to school this week so the number of hire boats decrease, only to be replaced by the private and ownership boats.  Although there has been a huge number of boats around this summer (we counted 108 one day), they don't set off at stupid-o'clock in the morning - they're on holiday!!! Unlike the private boats who tear past at 5.30am, so as to get a good run at it [llangollen].  So we're preparing ourselves for a few early starts in the weeks ahead.  We'll no doubt get an 'owners club' convoy of 18-20 narrowboats over the next couple of weeks, who always remark "Isn't it busy here?" "Well it wasn't until you lot turned up".
Beefur and Sans Souci out for a final cruise together (more of that in a future blog)

We didn't want to miss out on the fun at such a busy time in August, so we went on a jolly to Ellesmere/Blakemere.  On the way back up the locks at New Marton, we were number 3 in the queue going up, which is great for this time of year.  However, the queue at the top lock waiting to come down was something else - 14 boats.  We must have passed another 25-30 boats over the next 2 hours, all heading for the queue.  You queue to go up on a Tuesday, and queue to go down on a Wednesday, always the busiest days of the week.  Unfortunately, when you meet the boats coming down they're all grumpy for having had to queue and then rush you through the locks ("helping") by opening the top paddles with gusto before you've fully entered the lock "OI - it's OUR lock, OUR boat, OUR home, slow down or step away".

On a lighter note, Beefur's flowers are exceptional this year, and we are the proud recipients of the certificate for "Best narrowboat" as part of the Best Kept Garden Competition 2011 (Wales in Bloom), awarded by Llangollen Rural Community Council.  Just for a bit of community spirit, but it makes it very rewarding when you actually win something for your efforts.

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